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All Staircases are manufactured from either Aluminium Extrusions or Galvanized Mild Steel profiles, in full compliance with the specific requirements of the Project and client.


Utilising the latest FEA software and CAD software programmes, Member Sizing and Design for the staircases are performed in-house to all relevant international norms.


Treads and Stringer designs are optimized, to serve both aesthetic and structural functions.


Aluminium/GMS Handrails are side fixed to the stairs to provide suitable fall protection. Specific fittings are used to match the handrails to the slope of the staircase.

All structural Steel and Stainless works for Substructures, Supports and Platforms are carried out by Portal, which incorporates years of engineering and manufacturing expertise.

Engineering Professionals, Qualified Technicians, Skilled Workforce and State of the Art equipment contribute to providing high quality manufacturing and engineering solutions with respect to steel structures.


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